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Passionate Ecologists & Regenerative Conservationists

Founded in 2019 as the educational and consulting center of Timshel Permaculture, our 300-acre and highly-integrated & regenerative farm and demonstration site, our mission is to advocate, educate, and demonstrate the abundance, joy, and regenerative power of holistically managed and well-designed living systems.

To Give what Nature has given us.

We are a demonstration site that provides the contextual canvas for empirically driven and measurable ecologic and economic holistic systems implementations alongside an educational institute dedicated to teaching and training farmers, consumers, and investors how to become the entangled and symbiotic participants (economically, ecologically, and socially) with holistically managed and deeply regenerative living systems.

Savory Institute Hub

Holistic Management Courses and Consultations

We are Virginia’s Hub Candidate of the Savory Institue, a global organization focused on the large-scale regenation of our grasslands.

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What our clients say about us

Nothern Georgia

Onsite Consult

“Daniel came to consult about our property that we are in the early stages of turning in to a farm. We had been overwhelmed by all the methodologies and ideas we’d like to implement. He asked about our idea, facilitated a goals conversation and then had us walk the property. While on the walk he validated our ideas that are sound, made gentle suggestions to improve the ideas that were not quite right and he expertly filled in the gaps of things we missed. We were left empowered and educated. We are blessed to have champion in our corner of such caliber and expertise. Without a doubt we will continue working with Daniel and the Robinia Institute!”

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Our Farm, Nestled in our Precious Nook of the Blue Ridge Mountains