We are a team of Passionate Consultants and Emergent Conservationists.

The Robinia Institute was founded to advocate, educate, and demonstrate the abundance and joy of regenerative living systems. At our foundation, it is our mission to give others what Nature has given us.

A Bit on Our Background and Journey

The healing power of disease is truly marvelous; miraculous, perhaps. It is not that others are not passionate, motivated, or skilled. We all have our context and every context has its motivating factors. For us, however, the factors were singular: we simply want wake up tomorrow with energy enough to rise—to breathe. We are, in ways far too real, farming for Daniel’s life.

After being “diagnosed” with a rare and degenerative genetic disease—and after spending years traveling the country, amassing over two hundred unique doctor vistis, and undergoing every possible surgery and test—Daniel turned to farming. What started as one hundred chickens in the backyard in Northeast Ohio has grown into a three-hundred-acre regenerative permaculture farm raising cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, and goats; growing many acres of fruit and nut orchards and perennial gardens; designing/implementing hundreds of acres of silvopasture and forested systems; and educating via classes, events, internships, and on- and off-farm consultations.

After seven years of struggling, Daniel found true peace and health in the pure regeneration of his culture—both economic and ecologic—and is now healthy and perfectly able to tackle any job needed on the farm. That is the power of abundant and nutrient-rich living systems.

In addition to Daniel’s intense drive for health, our “Hub” has over 40 years of combined business experience in the Silicon Valley, high-technology, and service spaces. We have experience starting, growing, managing, and then selling for profit a multitude of highly successful companies.

Daniel Firth Griffith

Executive Director & Lead Educator

Daniel is a first-generation regenerative farmer with a background in high-technology and entrepreneurship. After being diagnosed with life-threatening/altering medical conditions in 2012/13 and after traveling the country amassing over 200 unique doctor appoints, surgeries, and tests, Daniel turned to farming as what he then considered “the last resort.” What he found, however, was a life complete with abundance, joy, and health.

Along with his wife (Morgan), daughter (Elowyn), and son (Tecumseh), Daniel owns and operates Timshel Permaculture, a three hundred acre, Certified Naturally Grown, and regenerative farm and perennial nursery. Timshel serves hundreds of families in their community with holistically-foraged & heritage pork; 100% grass-born/fed/finished heritage beef & lamb; pastured chicken eggs & meat; 100% chemical-free and raw milk goat dairy; and an abundance of wildcrafted, foraged, and cultivated goods.

Daniel also is the lead educator and director of the Robinia Institute, a Hub Candidate of the Savory Institute.

Most importantly, however, he is an unworthy father to the sweetest girl and boy and an undeserving husband to the most wonderful wife this world has to offer.

Morgan Griffith

Field Biologist and Educator

Morgan’s passion for rich living systems fermented during her time in college. While helping take care of Daniel’s health from a distance, she majored in Biology, studying under a full-ride scholarship for Track and Field (pole-vault). She is a true city-girl turned farmer and is a power-house mentally and physically.

Although her central role on the farm is building courses and designing resillient systems, she also runs the operations of the farm and institute, utilizing her unique blend of biological understanding and system’s thinking.

It is an understatement to say that the Institute would collapse without her.