Our Irish Dexters Grazing Under the Morning Sun

Interested in transitioning your family farm to Regenerative? Your backyard lawn into a Food Forest? Your pastures into soil-building and carbon-sequestering living (and growing!) systems? Need help navigating the transition, design, implementation, or grazing management process for your farm? Need another brain on a design you are working through? We can help!

Farm Consulting Services

We provide support, experience, and confidence to help our clients establish and manage resilient and holistic systems that supply nutrient-rich foods to their communities while regenerating, building, and restoring their biome in the process, regardless if it’s a 500-acre Holistic Grazing Plan or 0.5-acre backyard permaculture design.

Applied Technology

In addition to our experience as ecologic regenerators, we also have backgrounds in entrepreneurship and high technology. This background has led us into strategic applications of technology within both large and small-scale ecologic designs. For example, such applications as LIDAR, photogrammetry, and NDVI paired with drone technology that can mathematically measure a pasture’s photosynthetic activity alongside a 3D rendering of the pasture’s typography.

Frustrated with inaccurate contour maps? Our technology can map your property’s contour lines with 2cm accuracy, delivering rich data, 3D maps, layered design files, and GPS coordinates of the lines for improved permaculture design implementation!

City or State
In a few words, describe your land-base, project goals, context, or needs so as to to better help us understand how we may help!


Our team of passionate regenerators have backgrounds in ecosystem restoration, species conservation, regenerative agriculture, and Holistic Management.

Virginia’s Hub of the Savory Institute

As Virginia’s Hub of the Savory Institute, we are experienced and trained educators in Allan Savory’s Holistic Management and its deeply abundant decision-making framework. We have also trained with Geoff Lawton in Australia in Permaculture and ecologic design.

Daniel, our lead consultant, owns and manages our demonstration site, Timshel Permaculture. Timshel is a is a 300-acre, Certified Naturally Grown, regenerative, and holistically managed permaculture farm in Nelson County, Virginia, growing nutrient-dense and phytochemically-rich foods, healthy soil, and biodiversity on organically managed, sustainable, rotationally-grazed, and carbon-sequestering pastures and forests. Whew …

You can learn more about our team here.