A permaculture solution for no-water blueberries in brittle-tending environments

As with all well-designed systems, start with deep observation and site understanding.

Blueberries can be one of the most low-maintenance and pleasurable berries to grow in the temperate permaculture homestead. They are incredibly long-lived plants, ranging from 30-50 years and contain phytonutrients called polyphenols, which not only give these berries their deep blue colours but help decrease inflammation in the human body as well. They are also one of the top temperate-climate fruits to deliver a kick of Vitamin K, an important fat-soluble nutrient. Here is the catch: they die easily; require extremely acidic soil; and have no taproots. In this article, I hope to discuss how to establish and maintain a low-input, long-term, highly-producing, and stable blueberry guild.

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