To Give what Nature has Given Us.

From degenerative disease to regenerative abundance.

The Robinia Institute for Holistic Management’s cornerstone vision is to advocate, educate, and demonstrate the abundance, joy, and regenerative power of holistically managed and well-designed living systems. We are on a mission to help design and establish resilient landscapes that foster long-term biological wealth, economic sustenance, and social permanence.

The purpose of Robinia’s Institute is to serve as:
1) a demonstration site that provides the contextual canvas for empirically driven and measurable ecologic and economic holistic systems implementation, and
2) an educational institute hell-bent on teaching and training farmers, consumers, and investors how to become the entangled and symbiotic participants (economically, ecologically, and socially) with holistically managed and deeply regenerative living systems.

In between the demonstrational site and education institute resides our vision for a strategic apprenticeship program. Our vision is to develop a robust intership-based program that “spits out accredited professionals with their hands dirty.” What we mean by this is: we want our summer internship program to focus on education (literately an hour a day of class time in our educational facility with homework and required readings), hands-on experience (field work around the farm as the typical intern role would occupy), teaching experience (the interns would help teach the on-farm classes so that they get experience in this arena as well), and consulting experience (we take them off farm to our consulting projects).

To put it simply, our purpose is to utilize our experience with holistic management and regenerative living system (animal systems and perennial orchards/gardens) to educate the mind and dirty the hands of our community. To demonstrate and educate that financial and ecological profitably are not oxymoronic and can go abundantly hand-in-hand.

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