Dominic Scott
Co-Founder & Emergent Conservationist

Daniel Griffith

Daniel is a first-generation farmer with a background in high-technology and entrepreneurship. After being diagnosed with life-threatening/altering medical conditions in 2012/13, Daniel turned to farming as what he then considered “the last resort.” What he found, however, was a life complete with abundance, joy, and health.

Daniel is an author, entrepreneur, and emergent conservationist, who has deep experience in the fields of business, farming, and education. Daniel is the President of an international and award-winning Digital Agency; he is the founder and daily manager of a large-scale and holistically-managed permaculture farm in Central Virginia; he is the director and lead educator of Virginia’s Hub of the Savory Institute; and is a published author on regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and American history genres, his book, Boone, An Unfinished Portrait, hits the shelves in October, 2020.

Daniel has experience with everything between building highly successful businesses, generating millions in revenue year over year, to running highly successful and deeply innovative farmed system that regenerate both the ecosystem and community in which they act.

Most importantly, however, he is an unworthy father to the sweetest girl and boy and an undeserving husband to the most wonderful wife this world has to offer.

  • Hub Leader of Savory Global Network’s Virginia Hub

  • Certified Permaculture Designer

  • Regenerative Consultant

Dominic Scott
Co-Founder & Field Biologist

Morgan Griffith

Morgan’s passion for rich living systems fermented during her time in college. While helping take care of Daniel’s health from a distance, she majored in Biology, studying under a full-ride scholarship for Track and Field (pole-vault). She is a true city-girl turned farmer and is a power-house mentally and physically.

Although her central role on the farm is motherhood and homemaking, she also runs the operations and system’s design aspects of the farm, utilizing her unique blend of biological understanding and system’s thinking.

It is an understatement to say that the farm would collapse without her.